What We Believe

Boston North Presbyterian is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America,  and together with all PCA churches we ascribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms as containing the system of doctrine taught in the Bible.

Our church is…

  • Anchored in Historic Christianity: Boston North may be a new church, but we hold to an ancient faith. The story of the Bible, which is the basis for Christianity, teaches that humanity is alienated from God, our creator, and that this alienation manifests in our internal struggles (alienation from ourselves), in our relational stumbles (alienation from other people), and even in our environmental challenges (alienation from creation). We believe it is from this alienation that we need to be rescued.

  • Focused on Jesus: Along with the assertion that humankind needs to be rescued, at the heart of Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ is our divine rescuer. This proclamation of both our need for rescue and the reality of rescue through the work of Jesus is what Christians call the Gospel. The Gospel is the good news that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection have healed the alienation between God and his people.

  • Committed to Grace: Christianity is about God’s rescue of his people as an act of grace. It was out of love that God our father sent Jesus to live a perfect life on Earth, endure a substitutionary death, and merit salvation for all who believe in Him. Grace is the manifest love of God in which He sets us free from striving to impress Him and others, so that we can instead rest in the rescue Jesus provides in the Gospel.  


We would love to hear from you and help you work through any and all questions you have about God, faith, and life. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sean at sean@bostonnorthpres.org or 781-486-4477.


Here are some readings about the Christian faith that we recommend: